Friday, October 12, 2012

Skylab performance: Luis Bravo - John M Bennett - Byron Smith - Ryan Jewell

CLICK HERE to see 3 improvisational performance clips - 

Word Noise by John M. Bennett and Luis Bravo

Improvisaciones I, a partir de"Luctífero" de J.Bennett. 
Improvisaciones II, a partir de "El cuarto andar" de J. Bennett.
Improvisaciones III, a partir de "Olvido" de J. Bennett.
Con Byron Smith (trompeta), Ryan Jewell (tapemusic). Filmado por Catherine Mehrl Bennett, el 19.9. 2012 , en Skylab Gallery, Columbus, Ohio. Edición, Juan Ángel Italiano.

The YouTube video that follows these three is a performance Luis Bravo did in 
at the Jazzpoetry Festival, "City of Asylum", New Hazzlet Theatre, Pittsburg, USA,
September 8, 2012....about a week before the Ohio Skylab performance. So stay tuned on YouTube for that as well!! The OSU Center for Latin American Studies/ Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese sponsored the Skylab performance and two appearances at OSU by Luis Bravo, who is in the USA this fall by invitation of the University of Iowa.

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