Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One final note reSounding. . .

CLICK HERE to see a final note on my wordpress blog with links to videos taken of performances at It Looks Like Its Open gallery on the evening of Oct. 12, when this mailart was on exhibit. RIGHT HERE YOU CAN CLICK to watch a video of John M. Bennett performing with local musicians/ sound artists at the gallery that evening. I also have a LONG video (too long to upload to Vimeo!) which I don't know how to edit that gives an idea of how the mailart was exhibited, with JMB performing the final segment of his poetry in the background along with four other musicians.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Roland Halbritter 70 Table Postcard

Click image to view LARGE

David Greenberger sends Special Issue of The Duplex Planet

CLICK for blog devoted to"EARNEST NOISE"

Ernest Noyes Brookings - Poet & King for a Day
December 12, 1898 - July 16, 1987

 David says, "Oct 12 was also the birthday of Larry Green, of Duplex Planet renown. 
He'd always say to me, back around 1979-82, "October 12th, 1910 - how old does that make me?" 
I'd tell and he'd always be surprised.

Eberhard Janke sends Fine RegARTs in form of two books

Front cover of first book
Packaged in plastic sleeve for mailing from Berlin, Germany

Published by Aurel Scheibler, Berlin 2011, this 2nd book was nestled inside
a recessed rectangle cut into cardboard placed inside the back cover/
stamped "JANUS ARCHIVE"/ & inscribed to JMB on inside cover.
Label inside back cover of first book

Back cover of first book

Mscl. 70 Treats

photo by CMB altered by JMB
photo by Jeff Chenault- 70 skull yellow stamps by Andrew Russ- mini-muffins and flags made by CMB for event on Oct 12th
(Click on ENDWAR in labels section to view his artistamp sheet)

YES & NO from Paul T. Lambert


Pig Champion
lead us out of
the fires burning
across the state
hog wallow herds
crossing Texas
heading to Ohio
award winning
discipline practice
happy sir pigstaff
for birthday lunch
it is free free free
yeah and oh wow
y~e~a~h and n~o~t
breathe yes
breathe no
yes and no

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The70Performance VIDEOS from Jeff Chenault

Click HERE for a link to a YouTube video of John M Bennett performing with Larry Marotta, Byron Smith, Ryan Jewell, Jeff Chenault, and Dan Rockwell at It Looks Like Its Open gallery on Friday, Oct.12, 2012 -- John's 70th Birthday! OH -- and HERE is another video from THE SAME.
Photo by Reid Wood shows three of the preformers -
From left to right are Ryan Jewell, John M Bennett, and Jeff Chenault

70 poem by JMB with MANY THNX to ALL

Photo by Reid Wood of JMB's FORK LINT performance Friday evening

Facebook photos from Oct.12,2012 event

CLICK HERE to view a Facebook album of John's photos at It Looks Like Its Open gallery, Columbus OH during THE70PROJECT PERFORMANCE / MAILART EXH. / THE LAST VISPO visual poetry anthology & CD by Byron Smith/JMB release & JMB BD party

IN ADDITION: Musician/Sound artist Jeff Chenault performed AND managed to take photos as well:
CLICK HERE to view Jeff's Facebook album called "John M Bennett's 70th Birthday Bash".
Jeff Chenault and Mike Shiflet performed earlier in the year at It Looks Like Its Open gallery and we heard their performance, some of which is documented HERE on YouTube

Photo by Reid Wood
Click to view LARGE - photos by Reid Wood of
performance by John & Cathy Bennett during
intermission Friday evening.

Satu Kaikkonen via FB post on JMB's BD

Jukka Pekka Kervinen via FB post on JMB's BD alteration of JMB's 5 million poem

Rain Rien via FB post on JMB's BD - altered JMB 5 million poem

Click HERE for Ross Priddle's 5 million project

Nicolas Carras via FB post on JMB's BD

Cool scan from Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky via FB post on JMB's BD

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Janice McMurray says "Bon Anniversaire"

Skull postcard from the infamous "Thompson"

Gary Barwin waxes ribcage with an old JMB vispo piece

Click image to view LARGE

Michael Peters Jell'in for JMB's 70th

Click image to view LARGE

Crafted and hand-delivered by our friend&neighbor, Penelope Kauffman

Francis Poole - BIG collage/text envelope

Ginny Lloyd sends fluXus casket with creepy noises upon opening

Click image to view LARGE

Twin Skulls from Matthew Stolte

Ryan Agnew painted this during last night's event on JMB's 70th Birthday

This is the press release on for 
LAST NIGHT'S EVENT:Columbus, Ohio Gallery Event October 12:
A release party for both THE LAST VISPO ANTHOLOGY, 1998-2008 
AND for an audio CD - PICO MOJADO, Luna Bisonte Prods, 2012 
AND for 
ON EXHIBIT: Mailart from and selections from The Last Vispo Anthology, 1998-2008. Eds. Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill. Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics, 2012.
Friday, October 12, 7pm-9pm
It Looks Like It’s Open gallery,
Oct.12 is the 70th birthday of poet & visual poet, John M Bennett. He will perform his poetry in collaboration with sound artists & musicians: Jeff Chenault, Larry Morratto, Ryan Jewell, Mike Shiflet (Dan Rockwell substituted for Mike), and *Byron Smith.

Poet John M. Bennett and his spouse, artist C. Mehrl Bennett, both have images selected for inclusion in The Last Vispo Anthology. C. is also one of four contributing editors. She did research at The OSU Avant Writing Collection, for which John is curator, to research visual poetry to recommend to Nico & Crag and to help develop her essay in the book. (Profits from book sales will be for the gallery/studio collective’s benefit.)
*Also for release that evening: PICO MOJADO by Byron Smith & John M Bennett, an audio CD published by John under the imprint of Luna Bisonte Prods. Byron had saved 1990’s recordings (not previously released) of himself performing on synthesizer and trumpet with John performing his poetry. Byron is the sound engineer for this CD, as he was for their classic recordings AX TONGUE and THE BLUR.

Stamped postcard from Capa Bennett, our niece

Painted post cards from Jokie Wilson

Note that Jokie mailed a total of SEVEN postcards.

Darlene Altschul's BD Greetings