Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ryan Agnew painted this during last night's event on JMB's 70th Birthday

This is the press release on for 
LAST NIGHT'S EVENT:Columbus, Ohio Gallery Event October 12:
A release party for both THE LAST VISPO ANTHOLOGY, 1998-2008 
AND for an audio CD - PICO MOJADO, Luna Bisonte Prods, 2012 
AND for 
ON EXHIBIT: Mailart from and selections from The Last Vispo Anthology, 1998-2008. Eds. Nico Vassilakis and Crag Hill. Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics, 2012.
Friday, October 12, 7pm-9pm
It Looks Like It’s Open gallery,
Oct.12 is the 70th birthday of poet & visual poet, John M Bennett. He will perform his poetry in collaboration with sound artists & musicians: Jeff Chenault, Larry Morratto, Ryan Jewell, Mike Shiflet (Dan Rockwell substituted for Mike), and *Byron Smith.

Poet John M. Bennett and his spouse, artist C. Mehrl Bennett, both have images selected for inclusion in The Last Vispo Anthology. C. is also one of four contributing editors. She did research at The OSU Avant Writing Collection, for which John is curator, to research visual poetry to recommend to Nico & Crag and to help develop her essay in the book. (Profits from book sales will be for the gallery/studio collective’s benefit.)
*Also for release that evening: PICO MOJADO by Byron Smith & John M Bennett, an audio CD published by John under the imprint of Luna Bisonte Prods. Byron had saved 1990’s recordings (not previously released) of himself performing on synthesizer and trumpet with John performing his poetry. Byron is the sound engineer for this CD, as he was for their classic recordings AX TONGUE and THE BLUR.

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