Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Thoughtful postcard mailart from Jokie Wilson

A FABLE from Marsha Hamilton for JMB's 70th

CLICK HERE to read a fable written by Marsha Hamilton for the70project - Marsha is the the fairy godmother (though she's only one year older than me!) who sewed my wedding gown. On my wedding day, she gave me the same advice her mother gave to her on her own wedding day: She delivered this advice with perfect timing - "On this eve of your wedding, when you & your husband are in bed and you look at him (in the buff)... Don't Laugh." - and a straight face. Thanks Marsha! Good advice for any newly wed. - CMB

Friday, September 28, 2012

From Ted Warnell for CMB and JMB


Best wishes Catherine & John


Painting on newsprint from Guido Bondioli

The No. 70 Eating the Skull - from Marco Giovenale

"L.L." is "LONG LIVE!"

From Manuel Ruiz Ruiz in Granada Sept 2012 to JMB

In the Style of (fill in the BLANK) - from Bill DiMichele

Twelve Foot Banner! - from Jim Leftwich (Images in Sections)

ALL DIFFERENT - ALL THE SAME - From Al Ackerman (aka The Blaster)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Future landscape from Giovanni Bonanno

Χρόνια Πολλά Greetings from Katrina Nikoltsou

Ziplock Skull from Billy Bob Beamer

You should recognize the "i"s in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS from Ian Dengler

Stamp design and text by Ian Dengler - reformatted as postcard by CMB

Three artistamps sheets from Andrew Russ

UL stamp shows original 1st line
of JMB poem - "I"
UL stamp shows original 1st letter
in 2nd line of JMB poem - "l"
Click image & scroll to
view all files LARGE
NOTE: 70 different fonts

OHIO POST 70 from Ian Dengler

Stamp designed by Ian Dengler
Stampsheet of 70 stamps designed by CMB

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack Foley's 3 Chairs for JMB (via FB comment)

Vincent's chair
Three-legged chair
Chair with castor wheels
(wheelchair for an extra)

Not one of these is a department chair. 
(Or a department store.) All chairs are cheered. 
All cheers are tremendous.
Not one of them makes us chary. 
Cheers for chairs and many years of funpuns for John. 
--El Charro

Olvido 70 poem written today by John M. Bennett

olvido del cumpleaños

insufrido peldaño y )mucho riesgo
,mano( muerto ,summer clouds
,what brrreaks inside my hair uh
,70 nickels 70 long turds d
ropping in the crowded lake
,de ojos de ,pulmones thick
with lint ... )the 70 shivers
,the 70 wigs wall the 70
waves of linguini cooked
last week and( a neck
that never stops itching
,the 70 dimes you crawled do
wn to the sótano con sus
grillos )70( y libros
)70 x 70( y your
70 eyes gag the
burbly floor drain
your )boleto’s thin
smile spattered at the
edge ‘ ,O‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ,,, ‘

Soixant-dix les tombeaux de la boue.
- Julio C. Tello, tr. de F. Ango Secco

Special Chair for the Birthday Boy from C Mehrl Bennett